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Quirk! The art e-course embracing dark oddities & peculiar creatures.



Quirk! The art e-course embracing dark oddities & peculiar creatures.

I love drawing dolls. And especially odd dolls.

Whenever I post my quirky dolls online I receive comments from people like:

You have such a unique style, how did you get that?

This self study e-course is the answer to this question. The answer is: studying other artists that you love! I have selected a couple of my favourite artist and I show you step by step what I am looking for, how I integrate something of their work, into my own work.

You will receive:

  • 10 fun video lessons of approx. 15-25 minutes by your BloknoteAcademy art teacher Marieke Blokland. Each lesson will be accompanied with a pdf.
  • We wil study the work of Tim Burton, Grayson Perry, Quentin Blake, Edward Gorey and Anton Corbijn, to name a few.
  • 10 Fun Art Prompts in a pdf with quirky and unusual themes such as: Hairy monsters, masks, skulls & bones and teeth
  • Watch the FREE PREVIEW LESSON HERE Lesson 4: Inspired by Inspired by Tim Burton: Another world
Download the full planning here


In Quirk! we study the work of some famous illustrators, a photographer, movie directors and present day art.
And we will use all of that inspiration to build our own quirky world around us.

  • Lesson 1: Inspired by Saul Steinberg: A black line
  • Art Prompt: Masks
  • Lesson 2: Inspired by Inspired by Quentin Blake: Evil
  • Art Prompt: Animals
  • Lesson 3: Inspired by Inspired by Edward Gorey: Men
  • Art Prompt:Hairy monsters
  • Lesson 4: Inspired by Inspired by Tim Burton: Another world FREE PREVIEW LESSON!
  • Art Prompt:Skulls and Bones
  • Lesson 5: Inspired by Wes Anderson: Characters
  • Art Prompt: Color palettes
  • Lesson 6: Inspired by Anton Corbijn: Black and White
  • Art Prompt: Selfies
  • Lesson 7: Jheronimus Bosch: From hell
  • Art Prompt: Fear
  • Lesson 8: Inspired by Francis Bacon: Flesh
  • Art Prompt: Teeth
  • Lesson 9: Inspired by Banksy: No joke
  • Art Prompt: Stencils
  • Lesson 10: Inspired by Grayson Perry: That’s odd
  • Art Prompt: Who am I?
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Watch Teaser Video here!


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