The Birth of an Artist [Self Study]


Product Description

The Birth of an Artist is an entertaining, detailed step by step art journaling tutorial of 75 minutes.

One of the most populair lessons in the e-course “Radiant II: Art Journaling” by Effy Wild is now available as a single lesson!

“The birth of an Artist” is the lesson Marieke Blokland made for Radiant II: Art Journaling 2016, a year long e-course by Effy Wild from
Radiant II had many different guest teachers and Marieke was one of them. Because the lesson was so populair there, Marieke now offers it as a single lesson here at BloknoteAcademy for only 15 euro*!

The spoken text may be outdated in some cases, but you can still learn a ton from this fun lesson, inspired by the famous painting ‘Birth of venus’ by the painter Botticelli.

Please note: this product only contains Marieke’s lesson “The Birth of an Artist” not the other Radiant lessons. 

So…. What will you get?

The Birth of an Artist

An Art Journaling Workshop about Beauty, that makes you Think about your Art.

  • Entertaining, detailed step by step video tutorial of a total length of 75 minutes.
  • Detailed Supply list
  • Detailed beautifully designed .pdf of 30 pages

What you will learn

In this lesson I want to talk about beauty and about growing as an artist. I use the painting called ‘The Birth of Venus’ by Botticelli as a theme and metaphor in my lesson.

We are not going to copy the painting, let that please be clear. Obviously I am not Botticelli ;-) and unfortunately I do not know how to paint like him.

After this workshop “The Birth of an Artist” my hope for you is that you will:

  • appreciate your own art more.
  • know why aesthetics is so important for your art journaling
  • know the secret how to always have enough inspiration
  • know how to turn this inspiration into beautiful art journal pages
  • learn how to develop your own artistic vision on art journaling, which will allow you to truly grow as an artist and help you get that unique style that you want.


Becoming an artist is a journey. With this lesson I merely want to contribute to your journey. See it as a gentle push in your back.

You have probably been playing around with art supplies for quite a while now. Maybe you consider yourself an art journaling beginner, but maybe, over the years you became an advanced art journaler. This lesson makes you think about where you stand as an artist.

Teacher: Marieke Blokland,

* If your are not from the EU you may want to check the current exchange rates here.

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