The Amélie Project

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The Amélie Project. She'll change your life! Now available as self-study e-course.


Amélie – lesson 6: Portait of Amélie

Length: 27 minutes

In lesson 6 we are going to draw cute portraits of Amélie-figures, frame these in vintage, second hand photo frames and send out our mail art gifts to someone dear…

Amélie – lesson 7: A quote on the wall

Length: 19 minutes

In lesson 7 we are going to decorate a quote for on your wall, to always, always, always remember the sparkling inspiration that Amélie is giving us. Amélie Forever!

Amélie – bonus lesson: Renoir & Sowa

Length: 21 minutes

In the bonus lesson we take a good look at the Renoir painting from the movie and use it as an inspiration source to make an art journal entree or…