Art Journal Summer School 2015

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This will be your most creative summer ever! Marieke Blokland is joined by 10 super awesome guest teachers, teaching you the most fun art journaling techniques with only few art supplies. Everything fits in a toiletry bag!


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Technical Support In this section I will add information in case we have a technical issue. If you have a technical problem, you can check here if the problem was already…

Week 1 | Iris | An Intuitive Burst of Colour

Length: 14 minutes

“We will be building up a colourful background through an intuitive process. We will play with colour, mark making and the sensory experience of painting (i.e. using our fingers!) We…

Week 2 | Marieke | Found treasures

Length: 10 minutes

“This week we are going to gather treasures we find along our way. These can be pretty papers, tickets or packages. But also words or idea’s could be considered a…

Week 3 | Marieke | Fun stuff with stencils

Length: 8 minutes

“This week we will focus on playing with the two stencils we’ve brought. Also I ask you, now that the 3rd week is starting, to plan when and where you…

Week 5 | Marieke | Flower Doodles

Length: 14 minutes

Let’s go wild on drawing doodle flowers! I will show you how I doodle with my pencil, but also how I make wild flowers with the Caran D’ache crayons.

Week 5 | Effy | Be Here Now

Length: 16 minutes

“Be here now. An adventure in field journaling & zen doodles. I cover how to hone in on and record the little bits of beauty all around us in a…

Week 7 | Kate | Dream a Little Dream

Length: 15 minutes

“In the spirit of everything that I love, my class will take you on a little collage & painting journey as we pretty up our page with lovely fresh colour,…

Week 8 | Marieke | Folk Art Doll

“This week I am showing you how I make quick sketches of folk art dolls, just to practice and have fun. After a few quick sketches, we are going to…

Week 8 | Violette | Roadtripping with Quirky faces

Length: 14 minutes

“In this lesson we’ll be creating quirky faces (doodles) and using travel ephemera to create fun memories of your holiday you’ll treasure forever! I’ll show you some easy ways to…

Week 9 | Marieke – In the Museum

Length: 10 minutes

“This week we visit a museum and/or collect some images of art by a famous artist. We define what we love about each image and make an art journal page…

Week 9 | Juna | A touch of sunlight

Length: 15 minutes

“In this lesson we’ll be creating a front facing portrait using some of the supplies in our toiletry bags. We’ll be focusing on the use of light and shadow to…

Goodbye! + Special Bonus!

Sorry, bonus video’s are not downloadable at BloknoteAcademy. Thank you for understanding!  Hello dear you, Thank you soooo much for participating at the Art Journal Summer School. It means so much…