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Jot 2018 – the journal e-course
Let’s jot it down!

All About Journaling. Marieke Blokland, a passionate art journaler and online art teacher from the Netherlands will teach you about all the things that she loves doing best:

  • doodling
  • illustration
  • water coloring
  • hand lettering
  • graphic design basics
  • pattern design
  • mark making
  • bullet journaling
  • planner stuff
  • printing
  • stamping
  • modern art
  • book binding
  • sketching
  • mixed media art
  • … and of course: art journaling

But most of all Jot  will learn you what we all want:

How to make pretty things
quickly and easily!

Fun, uplifting and structured

In Jot we are going to study all of the above, in a fun, uplifting and structured way.

With Jot! you will:

  • enhance creative routines,
  • boost your productivity and
  • develop your own style.

Jot! is be jam packed with:

  • art demonstrations
  • exercises
  • step by step tutorials
  • assignments
  • prompts and
  • artistic challenges

What makes Jot! different from other online art journal courses?

  • Fun and uplifting!
  • A well structured curriculum
  • Clear learning objectives
  • Lots of printables and work sheets to improve your work.
  • Totally doable in any busy schedule,
  • Short, clear and informative lesson video’s
  • Planning the classes together in advance
  • Focus not only one mixed media techniques or drawing, but also on (graphic) design, lettering, illustration and modern art to take your art to the next level
  • All lessons are easy enough for beginners and challenging enough for the advanced
  • Always a ton to learn for you regardless your experience or skill-level


  • All video’s are downloadable for yours to keep and with forever access

Jot will be a year long e-course from January untill December 2018, with a two month summer break in July and August.
Only in 2018 I will run Jot! live with a Facebook  study group. After 2018 Jot will be sold as a stand alone, self study e-course.

10 modules

Jot will consist of 10 modules:

  • Geometric shapes January 2018
  • Dots & stripes February 2018
  • Florals March 2018
  • Print Shoppe April 2018
  • Urban May 2018
  • Story Telling June 2018
  • Collecting September 2018
  • Fonts October 2018
  • Free Expression November 2018
  • Sparkle & shimmer December 2018

Click here for the course calendar:

Click here to download the supplies list:

The classes in each module will differ from week to week, but each module will consist of a selection of the following classes:

  • Art play Experimenting and testing art supplies
  • Binding Easy book binding techniques
  • Design (Graphic) design basics
  • Illustration Drawing, sketching or doodling
  • Journaling Working in our planner, diary, note book or bullet journal
  • Lettering  Typography, calligraphy or hand lettering
  • Self expression Expressive mixed media techniques

Plan with me + printables!

Each month you will also receive a Plan With Me bonus video. The short version of the Plan with me video will also appear for free on YouTube, but you will receive the extended version +  fun printable to decorate your planner or bullet journal to plan the module and lessons for the next month. Is that cool or what!


Each module will be sold separately in the future as well, worth €35,- each, but without the “Plan with me” video’s. Those are really exclusively for those who join Jot 2018. The total value of Jot will therefor be over €350,-

If you join this live round of Jot 2018 you will not pay €350,- but €150,-.

From 2019 Jot! will be offered as a so calles ‘ever green’ art journal e-course for €225,- so this is really your only chance to get it this cheap. :-

NOTE: Please note that all my e-courses are in ENGLISH. English is not my native language (I am Dutch). I try to avoid making spelling mistakes (obviously), but it can happen that I will make silly mistakes in my texts here and there. I hope you will understand this and forgive me!















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1 review for Jot 2018

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Wendy ten Hove

    This course is so great! I must admit that I am a big fan of Marieke’s work and Marieke’s courses. I think I am in almost everyone, haha. They inspire me, learn me new things, even though I worked on previous courses and they just make me happy in general. This course is no exception and that for a year long!! :D I couldn’t be happier! Marieke’s videos are not too long, very well edited and very clear in instructions and with a bit of fun in them, which makes them enjoyable and inspiring to watch. Anyone who’s looking for learning new techniques and getting inspired, should really go for this course, you won’t be disappointed!!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Marleen de Romijn

    Ik snap nu absoluut niet meer waarom ik even twijfelde of de e-course JOT! voor mij wel voldoende zou opleveren aangezien ik o.a al bekent was met bullet journaling, het maken van stempels, het gebruik van de gelli plate en al meerdere Summerschool’s bij Marieke had gevolgd. Ik geniet namelijk volop van deze e-course en kijk uit naar iedere les en had dit echt niet willen missen ! :) De video’s zijn altijd zo vrolijk, inspirerend en vernieuwend en omdat je alles kunt downloaden kun je op ieder moment en op ieder apparaat een les bekijken, terugspoelen etc. Omdat er ook mooie PDF bestanden bijzitten kun je daarin even snel de juiste info opzoeken.
    Het is ook erg leuk dat er een facebookgroep bij zit waarin je vragen kan stellen en met elkaar je passie voor Art journaling kunt delen.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Marjo Coenders

    This course is so inspiring. The way Marieke makes the video’s is fantastic. So much information, tips and encouragements you want to start right away with the assingment(s). Marieke makes it easy to take hurdles because ‘it doesn’t have to be pretty’. Most important is to have fun. So far I loved every single lesson! So, join if you can……!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    After being a scrapper for as long as I can remember I recently started art journaling. This course is a great help!!! Marieke makes you try technics you think you will never be able to handel. She helps you like the pages you make yourself instead of only liking the things you see on social media made by (much more) advanced perrons. And she encourages you to work with the materials you have instead of making you buy a lot of new things. This course is SUPER!

  5. Rated 5 out of 5


    Marieke her lessons are very varied, fun and above all inspiring.
    Her way of teaching is very educational but also full of humor.
    I would say … just do it!

  6. Rated 5 out of 5


    This is so much more than an art journaling course! Many of the techniques that you learn are transferable to other creative areas such as textiles. You also learn to really explore all those art supplies languishing in the cupboard that you weren’t quite sure what to do with. Above all the lessons are lively and fun, challenging without making you feel pressured. Excellent value for money.

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Carla Persoon

    A great course for anyone interested in Art Journaling. As an experienced art journaler I get very inspired by al the ideas given by Marieke to get me doing things different than I normally would. And if you are a beginner there is no better place to start . Not only Art Journaling, but also other things like bookbinding, bullet journaling and lettering are part of the lessons. Even great for mixed media artist because a lot of lessons can also be used to create canvases and more. A great course for everyone at every art level.

  8. Rated 5 out of 5


    C’est vraiment une expérience géniale, qui m’apporte énormément. Je n’ai jamais autant découvert de techniques, de plaisir, d’amusement que depuis que je suis ces cours ! Marieke est très positive et bienveillante, et même lorsqu’on n’est pas anglophone, c’est très facile de la comprendre, et de suivre les cours.
    L’esprit de ces cours c’est découvrir en s’amusant. Prendre du plaisir, laisser parler notre créativité. On arrive à faire de belles choses, mais surtout, on arrive à s’exprimer, chacun à son niveau. Il n’est pas nécessaire d’être un artiste confirmé, même les débutants peuvent suivre ces cours, et l’entraide du groupe est très précieuse. Je suis vraiment très reconnaissante au destin d’être tombée sur ces cours : des vidéo, des PDF, des photos, tout est beau et soigné et passionnant. Vivement la suite ! :D

    It’s a really great experience, which brings me a lot. I’ve never discovered so many techniques and fun since I’ve followed these courses ! Marieke is very positive and caring, and even when you’re not English-speaking, it’s very easy to understand her.
    The spirit of these courses is to discover and have fun. Take pleasure, let our creativity speak. I manage to do beautiful things, but above all, I manage to express myselve, whatever my level. There is no need to be a confirmed artist, even beginners can take these courses, and group support is very valuable. I am really grateful to the destiny of being stuck on these courses : videos, PDFs, photos, everything is beautiful and exciting. Strongly following! :D

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    Brigitta Mulder

    Last summer I started Bloknotes AJSS (summer school). And I liked it very very much.
    So now I enjoy the JOT course. I am really enthusiastic. Marieke her lessons are very inspiration.
    When I was young nobody was very happy to play Pictionary with me, because I really could not draw. Not even a simple cat. But now I can!
    The course is just a very big playground, you only have to jump into it. DO!

  10. Rated 5 out of 5

    Linda Linford

    This is a fantastic course no matter if you are a Beginner or Advanced at Art Journaling. Marieke does not hold back and very openly floods you with all sorts of ideas and knowledge. The course never fails to get your creative juices flowing. I cannot recommend this course highly enough, a Definite Must for everyone.

  11. Rated 5 out of 5


    wat een leuke lessen
    Wat wordt uitgelegd met filmpjes kort maar krachtig.
    Met leuke maar ook nuttige tips.
    Ik alweer uit naar de volgende les
    groetjes ellie

  12. Rated 5 out of 5


    This is really a great course. Marieke will guide you through the land of crativity. You will explore all kind of techniques. I have learned a lot already and I am not even halfway. I can hardly wait to the next Monday when a new video appears. And my sketchbook is already filled will lovely pages.

  13. Rated 5 out of 5


    I’ve just completed the first lessons and I’m already completely won over. It is a great course for ALL levels. It challenges you and it also has something to offer for everyone. Are you into lettering, bookbinding, expression or maybe some Art history? In the few lessons offered untill now all of these were subject to a large or smaller class. And the great thing is: you can do them all or pick out the things that really speak to you. So: if you are still hesitating..don’t! I am pretty sure that you will not be dissapointed by this fabulous course!

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